Temporary Interruption of 30 Days Project

Actual image of me eating greens while watching British crime shows.

Actual image of me eating greens while watching British crime shows.

Life happens.

It’s funny that the same week I decide I’m going to be supportive of my crazy body is the week I spend two consecutive nights in the hospital from a crazy allergic reaction. What am I allergic to you may ask? The general consensus among doctors was amazing…


Yep! In a truly deep and totally messed up way my body decided to flip me off from within.

Thanks, body!

So as I sit at my desk, writing and chipping away at life, steroids and large amounts of antihistamines floating around in my system, I am trying not to get too deep with it.

Yesterday I returned to meditation and a vegan diet. I juiced ginger juice and ate kale. I drank chia seeds. Then I watched Workin’ Moms on Netflix because I needed to remember that life his hilarious in its own fucked up way.

“Will I return to the 30 day love fest?” you ask.

Of course. It just may take me a few days because I think I have another horror script that needs to come out first. Also I need to see The Shining tonight at Arclight, this should remind me it could always be worse. Plus I love Stephen King like sunshine and a little terror will definitely cheer me up.

For now we are in “to be continued” land, but yes I will get my shit together soon and continue. I bet Sam Harris would want me to…