Day One - My Toes

Actual photos of my toes today.

Actual photos of my toes today.

You can’t really see it anymore, but I had a pretty nasty cut on my big toe recently. I was in my bedroom and almost stepped on/slipped on a giant bone my dog left in the middle of the floor. I was, admittedly, in a bad mood and in a huff went to slide the bone out of my way...instead I kicked the track of my closet and recoiled, slicing my toe on the corner of the mirrored door. 

Many four letter words flew from my mouth and both dogs fled the scene. I wrapped my toe in toilet paper, and continued with whatever the heck I was doing before. Later, when getting into the shower and using peppermint Dr. Bronner’s soap, I was reminded of the giant open slice in my foot. Yep, more four letter words. 

Today I looked at my toe and realized my body had healed the tear. Sure, she could say, “hey dummy, how ‘bout you stop kicking crap when you aren’t paying attention? I’m gonna teach you a lesson.” 

But she doesn’t, and for this I should thank her. 

So on day one I will not dwell on the weird wrinkles on my toes or how badly I need to scrub them. Today I will thank my body for healing the little chips whether I ask her to or not. 

“There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.”

Mary Kay Holmes