What I'm Watching : Euphoria

Glittery eyes on fleek (that’s what the kids say, right?)

Glittery eyes on fleek (that’s what the kids say, right?)

To say I loved Euphoria on HBO would be a gross understatement. The visuals, the music, Zendaya and Hunter Schafer (as well as the entire talented cast) blew my mind. I mean, the glitter dripping from everyone’s eyes and the pink eyeliner alone were life changing for me.

Yes, I did wear neon pink eyeshadow to Medieval Times for a birthday party on Saturday night, thank you very much.

As a mom to two teenage girls I find it incredibly important to watch all these teeny bopper shows like Euphoria and 13 Reasons Why. Are they easy to watch? No. Do they make me want to lock my children in the house and spend all day every day watching The Office and 30 Rock? Yes. But I think it’s necessary that parents try to keep up with what’s happening with the joven and use these slightly traumatic gifts as a way of having conversations we desperately need to have.

Talking to kids about rape, drugs, the spectrum of sexuality, and pornography is never easy…but between these two shows you have a million opportunities to grab a pint of ice cream, push pause and say, “if anyone ever treats you like that you should punch them in the throat.” Well, maybe not exactly THAT but you get the idea.

Aside from the responsible parent stuff, I have to praise Euphoria for its amazing soundtrack (if it were a cassette tape I would have worn it out), gorgeous cinematography (stunning lighting), and diversity of storylines. Although not everyone can see themselves in everything, this show actually puts a good amount of effort into representation and I love it.

Plus Zendaya - Jesus she’s good. I loved her before, I love her more now. Give her all the awards now and save us from waiting a year, thank you.

Not sure where I’ll go from here but I have a list a mile long thanks to the TV gods. What are you watching? Did you love Euphoria as much as I did? Hit me up on the socials and let’s discuss!

Mary Kay Holmes