Solo Vacation (Daytime Erotica)

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Side note : I may or may not have written this about my favorite spin instructor …

As I sat on the edge of the crystal clear pool, a chilly vodka tonic in my hand, I smiled at the view. Shimmering tanned bodies danced in wild abandon, the music pumping from the DJ booth driving more and more nude skin into the water. Between the cocktails and the bulges in everyone’s swimwear, this was definitely the ultimate choice for a solo vacation. 

I surveyed they crowd, waiting patiently for someone to pique my interest enough to abandon my perfect poolside location. Suddenly he emerged from the crowd, as if choreographed by the gods above, and walked slowly toward me. Time froze, my head tilted slightly to the right as I took in the exquisite view. 

His body was meticulously chiseled from bronze, only slightly contained by a pristine white speedo hugging his lean hips. Mirrored sunglasses hid the deep brown eyes beneath, two pools of heart-wrenching hunger I would soon lose myself in. The sun shone on him like a flood light set to follow, and when he smiled my stomach did backflips. 

When he stopped next to my hip his hand wrapped around my outer thigh and he leaned in to my neck, his warm breath smelling of sea water and iced coffee. As if poised to ask me a very private question, his lips sat close enough to my ear for each follicle to beg for a millimeter more. I waited, the anticipation making my thighs tremble.

Then he pulled back, smiled that deviously delicious smile, and turned to walk away. 

“Hey!” I called to him, “you think you can just walk over here with those lips and leave me hanging?” The words escaping my mouth were driving themselves, my brain no longer in control of my body’s desires.

The statue froze, head bent a bit in front of him as if he was amused, then shot a glance back over his defined shoulder. I smiled to myself in anticipation. 

As he turned to face me he removed his sunglasses and I found myself lost in his inviting eyes. Time stood still for a brief moment and my heart rate began to rise, the sound of my breath deepening as my longing for him grew unbearable. He strolled toward me, taking in my body as he licked his lips. His hands landed on my knees and gently spread them apart, placing his body against mine. Our faces inches apart, I felt his hands reach around and pull my lower back toward him as he kissed me. 

My hands immediately found their way to his abs and traced the line from his hip to beneath his swimsuit line, grazing the tip of his flesh with my fingers. As his tongue dove deep inside my mouth, I reached around and pushed my hands inside his suit and cupped his perfect ass in my hands. Pulling him close to me, I could feel his hardness between my legs, paper thin spandex the only thing keeping our bodies from connecting. 

His hands reached up and massaged my breasts, pulling my string bikini top slightly to the side so he could place my nipple between his teeth. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, the sensation of his silky lips on my skin etherial. As I leaned forward and coaxed his lips back to mine, I lifted my leg and wrapped it around his waist to get a better angle on his perfectly outlined hardness. 

A moan escaped his lips as I pressed into him, his teeth sinking into my neck. 

“Is there somewhere we can go?” I whispered into his neck.

As his hand slid my bikini bottom to the side and touched me delicately with his thumb I quickly realized we weren’t going anywhere…

Mary Kay Holmes